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 Heavy Duty Kill Switch for Mini-Pocket bikes  $8

MT-A4 water cool bike 8 Tooth Drive Sprocket $2

47cc/49cc Mini-Pocket Bike Aluminum Foot Peg set $40

47cc  All Aluminum Pull Starter $35

Velocity Stack for  WA-167/WT-603/WT-668 style Carburetors $9

Carburetor Kit for 49cc Mid size bike $54  

X1/X2 Pocket Bike Skinny Performance Pipe $39
Blow out

HP 4-Stroke 8500 RPM CDI (Ignitor)  $40

Racing Tire set $50 blow out

Drive Sprocket (20 Tooth, use 8mm chain) for 2-stroke motors  $10  

Adjustable Steering Damper
$30 Blow sale

Mini-Pocket bike 3rd Bearing support 6 tooth Gearbox $26
4-Stroke Bling Bling Air Filter $10

 MT-A4 water cool Bike 90 Degree Air Filter Kit $30

49cc Cat-Eye  Pocket Bike Fatty Performance Pipe $125

X6 Pocket Bike Windshield

Drive Sprocket (17 Tooth, use 8mm chain)  for 2-stroke motors  $10

47cc/49cc Mini-Pocket Bike Performance Clutch  $30

47cc/49cc Mini-pocket bike Billet Air Filter  $20

Wa/wt style Carburetor Throttle Cable Bracket   $8 (for 47cc bikes)

47cc/49cc Mini-Pocket Bike HP Gearbox  $35 Sale   

FS529/X7 Performance 44 Tooth Sprocket $16

Fuel Cut-Off Valve  $8

wt603 style carburetor Intake Adaptor for 43/49cc motors $8

47cc Curved Air Filter Kit $25

Bling Bling Handle set (Blue) $16

NSK High speed 6000zz or 6001zz Bearing $7 each

Mini Pocket bike Wavy Brake Disc

cobra 4-Stroke Carburetor & Air Cleaner  $42

X7/FS529A 4-Stroke Bike 33 Tooth Sprocket (size #420 chain) $16

4-Stroke Foam Air Filter SM $10, LG $12 (50cc to 110cc horizontal motor)
 47cc Pocket bike Ultra Soft Compound Tire $52 a set

47cc Pocket bike Metal Pawl $

49cc Cat-Eye Pocket Bike Skinny
Performance Pipe $39 Blow out

TreadLocker (Med Strength, 50 Gram)

Mini Pocket Bike 7 Tooth Gearbox $24

47cc Full Circle  Crank Shaft    (12mm wrist pin ver.) $40

Heavy Duty 47cc Clutch  $30

Pinion Wrench Tool  $16

Cag  Pocket Bike Round Head High Compression Kit (44mm cylinder, 12mm wrist pin)  $90

47cc HP Flywheel (9-Fin)  $39

MT-A4 Water Cooled Pocket Bike Carburetor Jet Pack $20

Water Cool Carburetor Upgrade Kit for Mini-Pocket bikes $70

47cc Pocket Bike UFO Style Performance Air Filter Kit $24

49cc Dual Channel Cylinder Upgrade Kit for 47cc motor $66

4-Stroke 14, 15, 16, or 17 tooth Drive Sprocket  (for size #428 chain)  $10 each

Pocket Bike 7 tooth Gear Sprocket $8

Pocket Bike 8 tooth Gear Sprocket $8

Pocket Bike 9 tooth Gear Sprocket $8

49cc Upgrade Kit (for 47cc motors) $56

Zooma Performance Kit $17

Rocket Key (advance timing key) $5.50 small, $6 Large

33cc/43cc/49cc UFO Performance Air Filter Kit w/built in Choke Switch $21 

47cc Pocket Bike Performance Air Filter Kit $25

Billet Anodized Tire Valve Stem Cap (Pair) $5

47cc Full Circle  Crank Shaft    (10mm wrist pin ver.) $40

47cc Performance Pipe  $50

X1/X2 Pocket Bike Fatty Performance Pipe $50
Blow out

Ported ZH-1 47cc Cylinder $58

Twin Style Foot Peg Set $28 (for mini-pocket bike)

 Ported 49cc Cylinder $50

Carburetor Kit for 47cc Pocket Bike $60

47cc Performance Reed $8

MT-A4/C-1 Carbon Fiber Reed $24

 Steering Damper $20 SALE

47cc Cag Carbon Fiber Reed $14

47cc Pocket Bike Pro Jet Performance Pipe $97

NGK Spark Plug $5

47cc Pocket Bike 60 tooth Sprocket & Chain Kit $28, adds 4 mph

47cc Carburetor Jet Pack $1

47cc Pocket Bike Gas Filter  $6

70, 72, 74 or 78 Tooth Sprocket $12
49cc Cat-Eye Pocket Bike 36 Tooth Sprocket $15

47cc/49cc Mini-Pocket Bike 78 Tooth Sprocket $12
FS529/X7 Pocket Bike Performance Pipe $40 Sale 

47cc/49cc Mini-Pocket Bike Street Tread Tire $25

49cc Cylinder (for Mini-Pocket Bike) $38

 4-Stroke Koso Kick Starter $44

43cc/49cc Cone Air Filter $24

47cc Pocket Bike BilletTop Cylinder Kit $159
49cc Cat-Eye Pocket Bike 54 Tooth Sprocket $15 

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4-Stroke Racing CDI (200cc to 250cc Vertical motor) $54

 Dirt Bike Competition Shock for A Shape Swingarm (11 1/2 inch) $149 

4-Stroke Round Bar Slider set  $8  
Universal CNC Mirror set (fits Moped, SuperBikes, ATVs) comes with 3 different tread screw set $79 

2-Finger Brake Handle set $22

4-Stroke 14, 15, 16, or 17 tooth Drive Sprocket  (for size #428 chain)  $10 each

Billet Throttle (Carbon Fiber Paint)     $30

 Dirt Bike  UpsideDown Fork $215

Dirt Bike Adjustable Shock 11 1/2 inch  $60  

Drive Sprocket (11,14,17,20 tooth)  $10 (uses 8mm chain)

Dirt Bike Aluminum Axle Adjuster  set  $12

Dirt Bike Aluminum Pro Swing Arm  (H-Shape) Extender version $125

4-Stroke 16 tooth Sprocket  $10

X6 4-stroke Bike 33 Tooth or 42 tooth Sprocket $
MT-A4 water cool bike 7 Tooth Drive Sprocket $20

X2 Pocket Bike 40 Tooth Performance Sprocket $14

47cc Round Style Foot Peg set  w/Hardware $20

47cc Mini Pocket Rear Axle Foot Peg Set $22

  Lucky 7 Mini bike body kit $66

 4-Stroke 3.3 feet Performance Fuel Line (Yellow or Green) $10

Pocket Bike 8 Tooth Gearbox $3

4-Stroke 14. 15. 16 or 17 tooth Sprocket (size #420)  $10 each

NSK High speed 6200zz or 6201zz Bearing $7.50 each

33cc/43cc/49cc HP Clutch Spring $5 

Extreme Racing CDI (Sm plug or Large plug ver.) $
60 each
4-Stroke Aluminum Shifter (Retractable)  $30

 4-Stroke Competition CDI (Large Plug version) Almost up 10000 RPM $69

 4-Stroke Competition CDI (Small Plug version) Almost up 10000 RPM $69

 4-Stroke HD Adjustable Clutch/Brake Lever Set (for manual shift motors) $40

 4-Stroke Oil Cooler Tube (by Yoshimura) $38 each

 Billet Gas Filter (by Yoshimura) $20

 4-stroke Billet Throttle (by Yoshimura) $30
 Dirt Bike Wavy Rotor 7 1/2 inch Rotor $27

 Dirt Bike Wavy Rotor 6 1/4 inch Rotor $25

Dirt Bike A-Shape Aluminum SwingArm $80

10 Inch Dirt Bike Complete Aluminum Rim $80

FOX Raptor Knee Guard set   $59 

 Dirt Bike MX Pro Aluminum Handlebars $30

12 Inch or 14 Inch Dirt Bike Aluminum Rim $40 each   
4-Stroke 30 Degree Air Filter Kit $18 Sale

Dirt Bike Aluminum Frame $550

Aluminum Mini Fuel Filter (for 2-stroke motors)  $10 

 Dirt Bike Heavy Duty Foot Peg set  $20

 GY6 50cc Koso HP Pulley $40

19mm 4-Stroke Carburetor w/ 24mm Intake Manifold $70

Carburetor Kit for 47cc Pocket Bike $60

50cc to 110cc Carburetor Jet set (set of 6) $18

4-Stroke Aluminum Vent Caps $5 each

4-Stroke HD Foldable Shifter  $20

2-stroke 49cc Cylinder Upgrade Kit (for Mid bikes) $55

 GY6 250cc Racing CDI (for water cooled motor (Rounded Plug style) $52 

12 Inch Dirt Bike Complete Aluminum Rim $84

 Hydraulic 40 inch Stainless Steel-braided Brake Hose  (by   $24

4-Stroke Racing CDI (for GY6 50cc to 150cc Motor) $35

4-Stroke 35mm Shielded 90 Degree Air Filter $24

 Dirt Bike Extreme Reservoir Shock (15 1/2 inch) $90 

orange HP Ignition Coil for GY6 motors  50cc to 200cc motor (without spark plug cap)$24 

 4-Stroke Magnetic  Oil Drain Bolt  $6 each
Dirt Bike Extreme Reservoir Shock (13 3/4 inch) $90 
 Hydraulic 28 inch Stainless Steel-braided Brake Hose  (by   $24

 4-Stroke HP Stator  w/Alum. Oil cap (50cc to 125cc Horizontal motors) $90

 Aluminum Dirt Bike Axle set (by Yoshimura)   $30
Dirt Bike Extreme Reservoir Shock (12 inch) $86
Keihin CVK Performance GY6 125cc/150cc Carburetor: 25mm outside, 32mm outside, 42mm air filter Intake  $190

 Dirt Bike Stunna Foot Peg set (CNC Machined Aluminum)    $65

Lifan 125cc Big Bore Kit   (Upgrade to 140cc motor) for Horizontal motors $125 

Keihin CVK Performance GY6 50cc Carburetor   $120

NGK Racking Cable (CR2) $29

KTM Racing Pad set (2 Knee, 2 Elbow Pads) $34

Dirt Bike Black Adjustable Shock 11 3/4 inch  $59

Dirt Bike Extreme Shock 11 1/2 inch  $80

 GY6 125cc/150cc Racing Clutch   $75

4-Stroke Racing CDI (50cc to 110cc), horizontal motor $
ATV Extreme Double Spring Reservoir Front Shock (12 inch)   $90
KOSO HP  28mm Carburetor kit (for 4-stroke Dirt bikes) $144 

GY6 AW Competition CDI (for GY6 125cc to 200cc Motor) $60

Dirt Bike Aluminum  (A-Shape) Extended SwingArm $120 fits 10, 12, 14 in rim

 Orange HP Ignition Coil (for vertical motors & GY6 motors) $58

 GY6 59mm Alloy Big Bore  Kit $228

125cc Aluminum Cylinder Kit (for 125cc Horizontal motor) $97

 4-Stroke 50cc to 125cc Head Breather $53  

 Iridium Performance Spark Plug (CR8HIX) $18

  50cc to 125cc Oil Cooler Kit  $62

 KOSO GY6  50cc Racing Clutch   $59

 XR50 Dirt Bike Bazooka Pipe (Version 2) $90

12v, 2.6amp Quick Charger w/built in Fan (round plug, 3-prong)  $32